Insights November 16th, 2020

Future of Mobility Panel with HIGHWAYS UK was held at the HIGHWAYS UK Conference held over three days with over 2800 attendees to talk about mobility, technology and infrastructure.

Nikolas Badminton was invited to speak as part of a. distinguished panel on the electrification of transportation and whether fully-autonomous (Level 5+) vehicles will be hitting the road anytime soon. Essential insights and a conversation that will challenge your preconceptions.

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Panel participants

  • Nikolas Badminton, Futurist
  • Fergus Mcvey – 7th Sense Research
  • Patrick Adison – Integrated City Planning, Arup
  • Jay Nagley – R&D Specialist, Department for International Trade
  • Paul Wheeler – HIGHWAYS UK

See more of Nikolas’s thoughts on the future of transportation:

Cities Society Work

Futurist Keynote Speaker and Consultant - Nikolas Badminton

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