Nikolas Badminton, Futurist Speaker

Hello. I’m Nikolas Badminton and I’m a Futurist Speaker with over 35 years of experience in building the future with technology. I’m passionate to educate the world in how exponential technologies are changing our lives.

I travel constantly across Canada, United States, Asia, Europe, South America, Australasia, the Middle-East, and beyond to drive the leaders in countries, businesses and communities to take action in creating a better world for all humanity.

Over the past 3 years I’ve had the pleasure talking to 100,000+ people at over 150 events, and shared my insights with millions through TV, documentary series, film, radio, podcasts, and leading online publications like The Atlantic, TechCrunch, Fast Company, BBC, and VICE.

I promise to work with you to make your event incredible through collaboration, and by undertaking specific research for your event.

Reach out to me by using the form on this page, and we will work with you to create something truly unique.

Incredible Futurist Keynotes

I engage and inspire people through energizing keynote speeches about: Exponential Technologies; The Future of Work; Sharing Economies; Mobility; Education; Smart Cities; Artificial Intelligence; Internet of Things; Renewable Energy; Internet of Things; Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies; the Automotive Industry and Self-driving Vehicles; Health and Medicine; Radical Creativity; Human-centred Design; Innovation; and Predictions for 2018, 2030, and beyond.

Here’s my opening keynote on how children are affected by capitalism, influence, and technology at the 3Questions Summit at Google:

I’ll join you at your events, panels, leadership sessions, and executive retreats showing the way forward in innovation, future-proofing your business, brand thinking, and running your business for success in 2018 and beyond.

I am also hired to create and produce amazing events. I work with teams to create conferences from conception to execution. I tap into my worldwide network to find the best speakers and provide curation, and access to hard-to-find speakers through his extensive network, and the Futurist Speakers Agency.


“I could not let the day go by without sending you a short note of great appreciation for your keynote yesterday. So many employees have shared with us how much they appreciated your insight and delivery. Thank you for helping SAP Montreal think forward.”

Cindy Fagen, SAP, Chief Operating Officer, Canada

“Thank you again for a terrific keynote and panel discussion yesterday. We’ve had a lot of great feedback about the calibre of the event, and the discussion, so a great success!”

Perry Quinton, Ontario Securities Commission

“Nikolas’ genuine enthusiasm and knowledge of technology and industry trends made for a thought-provoking keynote to kick-off our event.”

Jacquie Griffiths, Director, Labour Relations Services, Metro Vancouver

“Nikolas was the perfect start to the day!”

David Rodnitsky, CEO of 3Q talking about their Partner Summit at Google

“As the University of Waterloo launched its 60th anniversary year in 2017, we were eager to engage and energize our community with a high impact kick-off lecture. Nikolas served as a dynamic host for this provocative event which featured MIT robotics researcher, Kate Darling, and Edward Snowden via videoconference.  

In addition to moderating question and answer sessions from the audience, Nikolas also facilitated a panel with University of Waterloo academics, world-renowned in areas of robotics, quantum computing, and big data.

While in Waterloo, Nikolas also offered to deliver an exclusive keynote for a group of our student leaders and entrepreneurs.  They were glued to their seats throughout the thought-provoking presentation, and embraced his engaging presentation style.

Nikolas worked hard to understand the University and our intended outcomes; as a result, we engaged Nik to work with us as our strategic curator for the Waterloo Innovation Summit.”

Kelly McManus, Senior Director Community Relations & Events, University of Waterloo

“The entire AgEx presentation, absolutely brilliant. A jaw-dropping experience!”

Heather Watson, AgEx Conference

Strategic Advisor, Media Production & other services

Conference and event speaking is just one part of what I do as a Futurist. I work closely with large and small organizations in a number of different ways:

Executive engagement – board retreats, private forums, one-on-one coaching, and strategic advisor.

Strategic planning – exponential technologies, innovation, research, new business models, foresight, policy and ethics, and design.

Media production – podcasts, videos, social media, TV and radio, and film. Currently, I am working on two notable documentaries – one feature-length documentary film for the CBC, and one 8-part series on Artificial Intelligence for a major network. Here’s a documentary on biohacking I was the Futurist Advisor on for the TELUS ‘SHIFT’ series:

Fill out the form to contact me, and I promise to work with you to create something truly incredible.

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