Nikolas Badminton, Futurist Speaker

Book Futurist Speaker Nikolas Badminton for your event or conference. Each year he travels the world and speaks to over 10,000 people face-to-face at conferences and millions through TV, radio, and the media on how life is changing with exponential technology. He works hard to create incredible event experiences, and has worked with the world’s most prestigious organizations.

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Incredible Keynotes

Nikolas engages inspires people each year through keynote speeches about: Exponential Technologies; The Future of Work; Sharing Economies; Mobility; Education; Smart Cities; Artificial Intelligence; Internet of Things; Renewable Energy; Internet of Things; Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies; the Automotive Industry and Self-driving Vehicles; Health and Medicine; Radical Creativity; Human-centred Design; Innovation; and Predictions for 2018, 2030, and beyond.

He’ll join you at your social events, panels, leadership sessions, and executive retreats showing the way forward in innovation, future-proofing your business, brand thinking, and running your business for success in 2018 and beyond.

He also produces amazing events and works with teams to provide conference curation, and access to hard-to-find speakers through his extensive network, and the Futurist Speakers Agency.

Research, Foresight, and Planning

What do you care about? What burning questions keep you up at night? Why are exponential technologies going to change everything? And, how is humanity going to evolve with the fast pace of progress?

Nikolas works with clients, and strategic partners, to perform primary and secondary research into specific areas of interest. He uncovers human insights, technological progress, and carves out foresight of how we are changing and these contribute to confident strategic planning, and setting out roadmaps to future-proof your business.

Film, TV, and Media

Nikolas works with Producers, Script Writers, Directors to outline what the future can be in both fantastical, and practical ways. He has hosted and appeared in documentaries, written science fiction, design fiction, scripts, and has advised film director and producers for film projects.

Nikolas is also available to speak with journalists to provide opinion on where the world is headed, and is the go to choice of Futurist for TV and radio around the world, including the BBC, CBC, CTV, Global News, TRT World, The Atlantic, Fast Company, VICE, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, Globe and Mail, Forbes, Business Insider, Venturebeat, and others.

Reach out using the form on this page, and we will work with you to create something incredible.

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