Chief Futurist
& Hope Engineer

Nikolas Badminton is a Chief Futurist that has worked with 400+ clients and has mentored top executives and the highest levels of government 
to shift their mindsets from what is to what if…

Tell Human Stories

Every future is rooted in an equitable future of the human race. The differences in wealth, culture, race, gender and more need to be brought into balance. Producers, Directors, and Scriptwriters call on Nikolas Badminton to advise and star in their TV and radio segments, podcasts, feature and short films and documentaries.

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Create futures and change the world

Expert Talent

Nikolas has years of experience being on-screen talent in documentaries, national television, radio shows and podcasts.

Futures Research

Nikolas deep dives into new subject areas with production companies to identify technologies and future states that changes humanity.


Nikolas is the trusted advisor and creative partner to scriptwriters in shaping the human stories that inspire us.

Content Production

Nikolas produces futurist keynotes, podcasts, Vlogs, documentaries and events with live streaming to engage people far and wide.

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Media Partners

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