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Nikolas Badminton is a Chief Futurist, Filmmaker, Producer, Talent and Advisor to Directors, and Scriptwriters that create incredible stories about our possible, plausible and preposterous futures. He has collaborated on, and starred in many film, TV, news and radio segments, podcasts, short films, and documentaries. Reach out to discuss your project.

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Create futures and change the world

Expert Talent

Nikolas has years of experience being on-screen talent in documentaries, national television, radio shows and podcasts.

Futures Research

Nikolas deep dives into new subject areas with production companies to identify technologies and future states that changes humanity.


Nikolas is the trusted advisor and creative partner to scriptwriters in shaping the human stories that inspire us.

Content Production

Nikolas produces futurist keynotes, podcasts, Vlogs, documentaries and events with live streaming to engage people far and wide.

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