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Artificial Intelligence Futurist – Nikolas Badminton – is a futurist speaker that is one of the world’s most sought after artificial intelligence futurists that hosts expert panels and speaks on how machine learning will affect the future of work, agriculture, finance and banking, self-driving and autonomous vehicles, smart cities, construction, and climate change.
Nikolas has a long relationship with artificial intelligence and using complex data in analytics to help the world’s leading businesses save money and increase revenues. 
At age 10 he started programming and went on to build systems at college. He then went on to study Applied Psychology and Computing at university in the 1990s he became fascinated with the potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning to be applied to challenges in learning natural languages. After building an Artificial Neural Network grammar prediction application he went on to graduate with honours and focus his career in data, analytics and technology strategy.
Today, Nikolas stays on top of developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning and produces the best futurist keynotes and advises executives on how to create value on deploying this technology by looking at culture, customer experience, process, technical architecture, ethics and governance.
Organizations hire Nikolas and his team to undertake strategic foresight projects, custom research, and one-on-one CIO/CTO/CEO advisory sessions. His work has helped businesses understand how artificial intelligence and other technologies will create exponential growth in their businesses.
You can see all of Nikolas posts and videos here on by clicking here. Take a look at some more of his talks and panel sessions here.

Why is Artificial Intelligence so hyped?

Innovation master Shawn Kanungo interviews Futurist speaker Nikolas Badminton on why Artificial Intelligence is earning so much hype in the media and in business. Essential thinking.

Artificial Intelligence Panel – IBM, Wells Fargo, Feedzai, and Futurist Speaker Nikolas Badminton

In Spring 2017, Feedzai, a leading data science company shaping the future of fraud detection in commerce, and BayPay Forum, a leading business and event network for payment, commerce and Fintech executives, hosted an engaging evening at Wells Fargo to discuss the real world application of AI across payments and banking. Nikolas hosted the great discussion and was joined by Eric Greene, Lead AI engineer at Wells Fargo, Petros Zerfos,Research Staff Member & Manager at IBM Research, Pedro Bizarro, Chief Science Officer at Feedzai.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence with SAP Labs

Nikolas Badminton, Futurist, had the pleasure of moderating a panel at SAP Lab’s all-hands meeting in Montreal with 3 world-leading thinkers and experts in artificial intelligence.
Sawinder Kaur, Data Scientist at SAP Labs India; Doina Precup, Associate Professor at the computer science department at McGill University and head of DeepMind Montreal; and Carolina Bessega, Chief Scientific Officer at Stradigi AI, Montreal provided incredible insights in this fascinating discussion 
The 3 panelists discussed data science, building artificial intelligence team and platforms were discussed alongside considerations on training and bias found in data. Nikolas Badminton steered the discussion expertly and pushed the limits of how we need to think about artificial intelligence in 2020 and beyond.

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Futurist Keynote Speaker and Consultant - Nikolas Badminton

CEO of EXPONENTIAL MINDS and an award-winning Futurist Speaker, researcher and author. His expertise and thought leadership will guide you from complacency to thinking exponentially, planning for longevity, and encouraging a culture of innovation. You will then establish resiliency and abundance in your organization. Please reach out to discuss how he can help you, and read on to see what is happening in the world this week.

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