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In this article we look at 3 Futurist Keynotes for Canada. Over the past few years I’ve spoken at over 200 events with attendees keen to find out what our likely future holds for them. Afterwards, companies and individuals feel empowered to make confident steps forward into R&D and applied innovation that creates new products and services.
For each futurist keynote Nikolas pulls together tailored research,  ‘signals of change’ (the things that are changing the world today), essential questions, and immediate action items. Take a look at the keynotes on exponential technologies, freight and logistics, and how to create an exponential province. Please share with your friends and colleagues.

2030, How Exponential Technologies are Redefining our Future

Innovation is a word mentioned in almost every conversation about traditional, and modern businesses. True innovation comes from invention Futurist Speaker Nikolas Badminton will look at what true innovation is, highlight the exponential eight technologies that will change the world, and highlight some ‘signals of change’ across industries where Engineers and Geoscientists have a big impact.

2030, The Future of Freight and Logistics

The pace of technological advances with disruptive implications for the transportation sector has never been so frenzied. Technology-driven innovations are promising transformative impacts for today’s supply chains through increased efficiency, lowering costs and optimizing performance.
For all but the most technologically savvy, however, it is an overwhelming mix of new products, service models and trends, all with the potential to transform digital and physical operations. While the real-world applications of many of these technologies have yet to be fully realized or understood, this forum will help members grasp the essentials of how they might impact the operational nature of the transportation supply chain. It will also help forward-thinking leaders understand the broader social, political and competitive impacts of this fast-paced change and highlight what leaders need to consider when making decisions regarding technology implementation.

British Columbia 2050, The Exponential Province

Futurist Speaker Nikolas Badminton talked about the future of natural resources, energy generation, renewable technology and exponential change to over 1000 attendees from across British Columbia in Canada. BC Forum on Natural Resources (BCNRF) brings together people from industries, communities and various levels of government to collaborate and explore ways to develop our diverse resource sectors, grow our economy and provide benefits to communities.

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