The Future of Marriage and Relationships with Dr. Marina Adshade

Posted By on January 5, 2017

In this episode Nikolas interviews Dr. Marina Adshade who has spent the last fourteen years teaching economics and engaging in original economic research.


They discuss how technology influences relationships, what modern marriage can be, and how things are likely to change.

In 2008, she launched an undergraduate course titled Economics of Sex and Love, which invited her students to approach questions of sex and love through an economist’s lens. The class was an immediate hit with students and, by the time the first term started, had generated international media attention.

She has a Ph.D. from Queen’s University and currently teaches economics at the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Adshade is a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail and Time Magazine and has written for the Wall Street Journal, the Sunday Times (UK), the Daily Mail (UK) and Buzzfeed. She has made numerous TV appearances on CTV and CBC, interviews on CBC Radio and National Public Radio (US), online panel discussions, international and domestic print media (including the Daily Mail, London, and Reuters) and podcasts in Canada and the US.

Dr. Adshade’s first book, Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love appeared in bookstores in March 2013.

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