Future Music Pioneers: Richie Hawtin

Posted By on November 26, 2015

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In Future Music Pioneers: Richie Hawtin we look at the Anglo-Canadian techno legend and how his life progressed from a child into the DJ and producer.

Hawtin has recorded music under the aliases Plastikman, F.U.S.E., Concept 1, Forcept 1, Circuit Breaker, Robotman, Chrome, Spark, Xenon, R.H.X., Jack Master, Richard Michaels and UP!. He also recorded and performed, in combination with other artists, under group names such as The Hard Brothers, Hard Trax (with his brother Matthew Hawtin), 0733, Cybersonik (with Daniel Belland John Acquaviva), Final Exposure (with Joey Beltram and Mundo Muzique), Just For Fun (with Holger Wick), Narod Niki (with Akufen, Cabanne, Dandy Jack,Daniel Bell, Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Robert Henke and Thomas Franzmann), Two Guys In The Basement (with John Acquaviva), Spawn (with Fred Giannelliand Daniel Bell) and States Of Mind (with Acquaviva). (Via Wikipedia)

Richie Hawtin Documentary

Plastikman Sheet One

Richie Hawtin at Tomorrowland 2015 


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