Creating the USA’s first delivery drone

Posted By on May 23, 2016

In ‘Creating the USA’s first delivery drone’ we see the filmmakers at Journeyman Pictures  film – ‘The Battle To Develop USA’s First Delivery Drone’.

Piloted by an ever-expanding army of hobbyists, drones are quickly filling our skies. Now huge companies are looking to separate the pilots from the machines for a new era of unmanned transportation.

“I see a not too distant future where drone deliveries are ubiquitous, where a drone delivering a package to you or your neighbour is more common than a postman or Fedex van”, says Matt Sweeny, the young CEO of Flirtey. His ambitions have seen his small company, working out of the University of Nevada, lock horns with the likes of Google and Amazon in this generation’s airspace race. “You see technology that is so incredibly transformative that you realise you’re on the cusp of something that could be enormous” says Michael Drobac of the Small UAV Coalition. But will such drastic change come at a cost to public safety? “These are dense heavy metal pieces that will wreak havoc on an aircraft… there is going to be a significant event” says Airline Pilots association president, Tim Canoll.

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