Chris Dancy: Smartphone Loneliness and Existence as a Platform

Posted By on November 11, 2015

Chris Dancy has been featured on the cover of Businessweek’s ‘Global Tech’, Fox News, NPR, BBC, TechCrunch, Mashable, Wired, TED and has a 2016 SHOWTIME special dedicated to his life as ‘The Most Connected Human on Earth.’

For 25 years, he has been serving in many leadership roles in technology and healthcare. He is currently employed as Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President at Healthways, Inc.

A noted keynote speaker and executive workshop retreat facilitator, Chris guides organizations and audiences on a journey into the future of computing, when behavior becomes the interface. A disruptive, breathtaking journey that leaves the audience spellbound.

(bio taken from Chris’ website)

Chris Dancy: Smartphone Loneliness and Existence as a Platform features a new interview from EMERGE and a presentation from Cyborg Camp in 2014.


Chris Dancy “Smartphone Loneliness”

EMERGE is a podcast based inquiry into the people, ideas, organizations and technologies building a more beautiful future, today.

We wanted to share this episode’s that features Chris Dancy – “the most connected human on earth”. He is a contemplative platform designer, artist, philosopher and writer.

We talked about what it takes to design technology that promotes human well-being, the nature and cause of distraction and loneliness, the changing landscape of work, and how to survive a systemic collapse, without hoarding bullets.

Existence as a Platform – The Quantified Life

Chris is the first person we have heard that really brings in a human and ‘we’ dimension to thinking about technology in a philosophical sense. In 2o13 Nikolas Badminton produced Cyborg Camp YVR where Chris and 120 other people from around the world came together to talk about the intersection of humanity and technology. Chris then went on to present at Cyborg Camp at MIT in 2014. Here is his talk entitles “Existence as a Platform – The Quantified Life”


Nikolas Badminton is a world-respected futurist speaker that researches, speaks, and writes about the future of work, how technology is affecting the workplace, how workers are adapting, the sharing economy, and how the world is evolving. He appears at conferences in Canada, USA, UK, and Europe. Email him to book him for your radio, TV show, or conference.

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