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TRANSCENDENCE, a short film is produced and presented by Futurist Keynote Speaker Nikolas Badminton. These short documentaries tap into the technological and cultural progress we are seeing in the world.

TRANSCENDENCE was featured in Nikolas’ keynote for Digital Realty’s Marketplace Live conference in 2020. For this Nikolas produced the whole keynote and this documentary in his FUTURE CASTING Studio.


Since the dawn of personal computers in the late-1960s to the Internet in the 90s and the explosive growth of mobile in the 2000s we have evolved to become cyborgs.

We’re humans in symbiotic relationships with data and technology And, we’re now exploring how we wear technology to help us to be more productive and connect more deeply with people.

Beyond that, we’re exploring the dimensions of data that surround us and mapping our world to share our contexts and create immersion in places we’ll never visit.

A new contextualized world where we gamify our environments and seek value in a mixed reality with humans and data merged into a new horizon We’re also investing in field of artificial intelligence with applied machine learning to tap into the subconscious patterns of our world to unlock new ways of thinking.

To reimagine what sentient beings can be.

We’re innovating and building machines at the scale of atoms and molecules to fight our cancers from the inside out with nanotechnologies.

And, we’re harnessing quantum phenomena such as superposition and entanglement to process data faster and break new ground in medicine, chemistry, cryptography and redefine what we mean by ‘computing.

And, Today I see the promise of a brighter, more empowering and equitable future for all.

And, with that promise comes incredible responsibility.

Mobile / AR / AI / QC are the foundational technologies that will allow us to unlock human potential. But, with that power comes great responsibility and we must look beyond technological transcendence towards human transcendence and an equitable future.

DEFYING STASIS @ MarketPlace LIVE – with Futurist Keynote Speaker Nikolas Badminton

About Nikolas Badminton

Nikolas Badminton is a world-renowned futurist keynote speaker, researcher, and media producer. He helps trillion-dollar companies, progressive governments and media shift their mindset from “what is” to “WHAT IF…” The result is empowered employees, new innovative products and incredible growth that leads to more revenues and a more resilient future.

In addition to working with the amazing clients mentioned above, Nikolas advised Robert Downey Jr.’s team for the ‘Age of A.I.’ documentary series, starred in ‘SMART DRUGS – a Futurist’s journey into biohacking’, and features on CTV, Global News, Sirius XM regularly. His mind-expanding research and opinion has also been featured globally on BBC, VICE, The Atlantic, Fast Company, Techcrunch, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Forbes, Sputnik and Venturebeat. He is also writing a chapter for a 2021 book called ‘The Future Starts Now: Expert Insights into the Future of Business, Technology and Society’ for Bloomsbury.

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