Insights July 30th, 2018

In this talk from the Inspire Track at AWETom Emrich talks about the death of virtual reality and looks at the state of virtual reality, and augmented reality.
He says that our “reality” is proving to be incredibly fragile and it is being unravelled at a rapid pace by a number of cultural movements. Emrich links together the trends which are pulling at the corners of “real life”, hypothesizes what we will find behind the curtain, and suggests ways for us to prepare for this big shift enabled by virtual reality, augmented reality, and other exponential technologies.
What’s refreshing (and very cool) is that this keynote features a special projection mapping experience created by globally acclaimed face mapping artist Nobumichi Asai and Associate Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yoshihiro Watanabe.

The Death of Reality – Tom Emrich, Partner (Super Ventures)

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Also, read Nikolas Badminton’s thoughts on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in his seminal article ‘From Rectangles to Reality: A primer on Virtual Reality’ and in his VLOG that continues this thought…

From Rectangles to Reality (VLOG)

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