Nikolas has provided incredible futurist keynotes for over 300 clients, private forums, board retreats, and AGMs. He’s inspired more than 200,000 people in-person to take action in their lives and businesses by deep-diving into the latest technologies, signals of change and societal trends that are shaping our thinking in designing the future for 2030, 2050 and beyond. Beyond that he talks to millions through television appearances, documentaries, and to people from over 180 countries online.

NIkolas Badminton Futurist Speaker
NIkolas Badminton Futurist Speaker at TBM Conference, Las Vegas 2019

Over the past 23 years Nikolas has advised the world’s most impactful companies – ranging from startups to $10+ billion in market cap to international agencies, governments and investors with portfolios up to $192 billion. The digital transformation and innovation programs he has helped establish has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in savings, increased revenues, and awards. Here are just some of those companies he’s proud to have worked with:

Nikolas Badminton Futurist Keynote Speaker Clients - UNITED NATIONS, NASA, UNITED WAY

Nikolas Badminton Futurist Keynote Speaker Clients - IDEO, BBC, FAST COMPANY

Nikolas’ clients also hire him for conference hosting, panel moderation, event curation and production, executive coaching, product research, speculative design, and strategic planning. He also provides media consultancy where he hosts documentaries and advises scriptwriters to create amazing future scenarios.

Industry and technology trends

Nikolas speaks to amazing clients about the rise and impact of exponential technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, internet of things, renewable energy, blockchain, gene editing, nanotechnology, and quantum computing.

Nikolas Badminton Futurist Speaking at Google
Speaking on Privacy and Family Responsibility at Google

He provides deep and truthful insights by talking about the signals of change he sees in the future of:

      • Finance, insurance and fintech
      • Retail, eCommerce and consumer goods
      • Food and agriculture
      • Smart cities, construction and city planning
      • Automotive and transportation
      • Ethics, policy planning, eGovernment and eDemocracy
      • Energy, water management and climate change resiliency
      • Marketing, advertising and media
      • Education and entertainment
      • Content, social media, software platforms and privacy
      • Medicine, health, wellness and biohacking

He also speaks about many other subject and tailors research and keynote for every client. Reach out to Nikolas today to discuss your event.

Impact and Changing Lives

Nikolas’ futurist keynote speaking goes beyond entertainment and insight into real-world impact.

Nikolas has inspired more than 200,000 people by speaking on trends and the future at over 300 events

Over 23 years he has worked with the CEOs and Executives from world’s most impactful and innovative governments, Fortune 500 companies valued to$10+ billion, disruptive startups, international agencies and and investors with portfolios of $140+ billion).

Nikolas always shares the insights that resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars and he changes the lives of those that see him speak.

One such story was that of a young Government of Canada Analyst that saw a talk and 6 months later chose to leave her position and earn an MBA in Technical Entrepreneurship and start their own company with the aim to change the world. Another story is about a senior automotive lawyer who saw a new world of opportunity from Nikolas’ insights: