Nikolas Badminton is a trusted futurist keynote speaker for in-person and virtual events (panel moderation and participation, workshops, keynotes). He has been trusted to curate events, provide opening keynotes, and host expert panels for over 300 clients, private forums, board retreats, and AGMs.

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Nikolas’ content has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to take action in their lives and businesses by deep-diving into the latest technologies, signals of change and societal trends that are shaping our thinking in designing the future for 2030, 2050 and beyond.

Nikolas offers workshops and keynotes that help you supercharge your organization to be ready for the future beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. His Futures Workshop can help you plan in this time of the COVID19 pandemic, and see two new exciting keynotes that will help you create incredible events for your employees, members, and attendees.

Futures Workshop (post-COVID19 planning)

The world is in turmoil. Disruption was never anticipated at this scale. Organizations now have an opportunity to get ahead of the time of recovery with progressive thinking on how the future will be.

Nikolas presents this collaborative workshop that empowers your organization to discover new thinking, find technological innovations, and explore future scenarios. We will work to identify opportunities to reduce risk, create organizational resiliency, and undertake stronger strategic planning through 3 activities:

1. Your industry in focus – Nikolas will look at the current state of the world, post-COVID19 considerations and scenarios for your industry across 6, 12, and 18+ month timeframes. He will identify the ‘signals of change’ that indicate change is coming at a global, domestic, industry and organizational level.

2. Developing hypothetical scenarios: This collaborative exercise helps anticipate future risks, find new blue sky opportunities, and strengthen strategic planning. Behind this are three key principles that guide us: future solutions focus on humanity NOT technology; plurality, inclusion, and equity; and the application of scientific fact, and creativity

3. Identification of opportunities: We can work together to look for opportunities and future legacies. We can then talk about how we can develop ideas and apply them to  your organization.

Following the session, Nikolas will work with you and your team to take workshop output and mobilize it practically in your organization.

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New Futurist Keynotes

Nikolas brings the depth of his 37+ years of experience to two new impactful keynotes. In each he will apply his research, insights on your company and its industry, and a view on the external factors that will have a long-term effect on your business.

The first is a keynote that inspires and motivates people to become futurists and visionaries that supercharges your organization:

Brave New World – from what is to ‘what if…’

‘What will the future bring?’ is a question considered by every organization, government, municipality and individual every single day. The challenge we have is that we are stuck in the gravity of servicing ‘what is’. This inevitably results in slowing progress, a lack of innovation, and stasis.

Nikolas will show you the incredible power of asking ‘what if…’ – an invitation to be creative in thinking about our futures, to see the ‘signals of change’ – exponential technologies and cultural changes – that are changing the world, to create stronger strategic thinking and see unforeseen risks today.

And, the second looks at how the COVID19 pandemic is reshaping our world, how life will be different, and how exponential technologies will play a key role in the new digitized economy:

2020 to 2025, The Human Renaissance

In these interesting times disruption has been redefined as a complete rethinking of how our economy and critical services work. As business and government leaders we reflect, identify signals of change, and look to the future beyond the COVID19 pandemic and towards digitization and resiliency.  Nikolas has undertaken research that will provide you with the ability to see opportunities across three areas as we head into the future with hope, creativity and optimism: 

1. Rethinking globalization – Our global supply chains and logistics, renewable energy generation and distribution, transportation, travel and security, and ideas of urbanizations have been challenged. Nikolas will show you entirely new ways to consider a new path to sustainability and resiliency;

2. Remixing Work: Our future of work will be a hybrid mix of nomadic staff, remote working groups and in-person collaboration. Nikolas will explore what is needed to ensure we create an effective blended workforce, increase productivity, ensure health and wellness, and a roadmap to create a ‘bionic company’ defined by mobilizing Behavioral, Cognitive and Network Capital;

3. Driving exponential growth: New and exciting innovations expected in the next 5 to 10 years across a number of industries. Exponential technologies revolutionizing high-tech, finance and banking, energy, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, retail, media, agriculture, automotive and transportation, and other industries are explored.

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Nikolas is a world-renowned futurist keynote speaker that works with trillion-dollar companies, progressive governments, and investment funds to shift their mindsets and strategic planning from what is to ‘WHAT IF…?’ Here are just some of those companies he’s proud to have worked with:

Nikolas Badminton Futurist Keynote Speaker Clients - UNITED NATIONS, NASA, UNITED WAY

Nikolas Badminton Futurist Keynote Speaker Clients - IDEO, BBC, FAST COMPANY

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