Insights March 26th, 2018

Just last week I was asked to appear on camera in a documentary to give some quick opinions on Artificial Intelligence. The filmmakers were we are looking for a voice that has a strong idea and share with us future scenarios regarding the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). As a futurist speaker this is something I do regularly so I was more than happy to help. Here are the questions and some of my brief answers.
Question: How do you think we are at with the Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?
A.I. as a whole is progressing well with narrow fields of expertise – the game of chess and Go, self-driving vehicles, manufacturing automation, robo-advising for investment, and back office admin tasks.
Wholesale automation of algorithmic work will gain pace – cashiers, admin assistants, taxi driver, truck drivers, and even lawyers’ time is numbered.
Question: What are some of the new jobs we will have in the future? And how will they impact our work productivity?
The future is about ‘Human and the Machine’ – a world where our abilities are upgraded through the use of AI systems that deal with the work of data process and knowledge creation. We will be more productive because the AI systems will remove the drudge work that normally slows us down.
We are entering the WISDOM ECONOMY where the human ability to have empathy, apply creativity, and accelerate wisdom are the key tenets of business progress.
Question: Does our education system need to adapt to this upcoming change, in order to prepare our future generation?
It does. STEM is important but creative disciplines will be too alongside new ways of thinking and working like Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship – our children are going to have a rough ride into adulthood without this knowledge.
Collaboration will be hugely important as well as start-up spaces for young entrepreneurs. There is a huge opportunity in front of us and we need to invest in the potential of our children
I also interviewed Thomas Frey last year and he had a great deal to say on education.
Question: How life, business and economy will be impacted by AI?
Every single part of our lives will be affected – education, the home, work
By 2030, AI is expected to provide a $15.7 trillion boost to GDP worldwide – labor productivity improvements ($6.6 trillion) and increased consumer demand ($9.1 trillion).
Question: Do you have some other particular predictions you would like to share with us?
In manufacturing-based cultures – India, China, Bangladesh – we are going to see some really tough times as automation takes hold and home country operations are reestablished.
A level of wealth distribution will be needed as well as schemes like Universal Basic Income to help everyone in the world rise out of poverty.

You can see some other references I have posted to this site on A.I. here:


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