Insights June 21st, 2020

Here we see the Futurist Speaker Movie Inspirations that every foresight-driven futurist consultant should be aware of, watch multiple times and question the themes, characters, ethics and technologies shaping the stories. Here’s the first five worth a mention.

5 Futurist Speaker Movie Inspirations

Arrival (2016)
Arrival is an American science fiction film that is based on the 1998 short story “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang. Writer Eric Heisserer Director by Denis Villeneuve tell the story of  a linguist Louise (played by Amy Adams) enlisted by the United States Army to discover how to communicate with extraterrestrial aliens who have arrived on Earth, before tensions lead to war.

The themes in the movie are around language, understanding, knowledge, and the need for the human race to come together to unlock a secret that will catapult science forward exponentially.

The Matrix (1999)
The Matrix is the first installment in the Matrix franchise and was written and directed by the Wachowskis. It shoes us a dystopian future in which humanity is unknowingly trapped inside a massive scale and hyperreal simulated reality, the Matrix, created by intelligent machines to distract humans while using their bodies as an energy source.When computer programmer Thomas Anderson, under the hacker alias “Neo”, uncovers the truth, he “is drawn into a rebellion against the machines” along with other people who have been freed from the Matrix.

Nikolas Badminton, Futurist Speaker and Consultant, weighs in on the model world and The Matrix and talk about the most important construct of the modern world – LOVE.

Gattaca (1997)
Gattaca is a 1997 American science fiction film written and directed by Andrew Niccol. The film presents a ‘biopunk’ vision of a future society driven by the wealthy that use eugenics to plan children manipulated and conceived through genetic selection to ensure they possess the best hereditary traits of their parents, and the people they most admire. The film centres on Vincent Freeman, played by Hawke, who was conceived outside the eugenics program and struggles to overcome genetic discrimination to realize his dream of going into space.

The process of deception in this exclusive world is driven by strength of will and allies that enable ‘Jerome’ to realize his dream.

Children of Men (2006)
Children of Men is a 2006 dystopian science fiction action-thriller film co-written and directed by Alfonso Cuarón. The screenplay is based on P. D. James’ 1992 novel ‘The Children of Men’ and takes place in 2027, when two decades of human infertility have left society on the brink of collapse. Asylum seekers seek sanctuary in the United Kingdom, where they are subjected to detention by the government. Theo Faron must help a refugee escape the chaos and show there is hope in a hopeless and war torn world.

For many, this film is a masterpiece in the way it provides continual moments of shock.

Ex Machina (2014)
Ex Machina is a 2014 science fiction psychological thriller film written and directed by Alex Garland. The story that follows a programmer who is invited to his billionaire CEO’s rural idyll to meet an intelligent humanoid robot. The purpose? The go beyond administration of the Turing test into the spiral of what it means to be truly human.

There are many hidden meanings and references to older literature, The Bible, and computational theory.

So, what Futurist Speaker Movie Inspirations do you have?


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