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Incredible Events

Nikolas has focused on building futurism events for the foresight community that encouraged big questions and active discussion on the future with ground-breaking events, including Cyborg Camp (in collaboration with Amber Case), From Now Conference (where Nikolas received his xNT microchip), the PRODUCT design thinking series, the Future Camp unconference, and the wildly popular DARK FUTURES which has been called the “Black Mirror of TED Talks”.

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Dark Futures

DARK FUTURES is a conference where speakers talk about the hidden systems that affect our daily lives (whether we are aware of it or not). Today is darker than ever and we go deeper. This conference series was founded in 2014 by futurist Nikolas Badminton, and since then he has hosted yearly events in Vancouver, Toronto and San Francisco.

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Future Camp

Future Camp is an unconference that brings together people to discuss and debate where the future is taking us. Attendees create the (un)conference the day of on subjects including Technology and Humanity, Transhumanism, Big Data, Wearables, Internet of Things, Transport, Finance, Agriculture, Cities, Government, Education, Ethics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and other areas of interest that affect the world today and in the future of how society will work.

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