Insights September 17th, 2018

In Dark Futures Film Club – ESCAPE we see Stephen Fry provide the voice and personality of the simulation alongside Hugh Mitchell in a new dystopian short film about Artificial Intelligence and Simulation Theory.
in this an A.I. expert discovers he is living in a simulation and faces a stark choice. Escape is a short film exploring simulation theory, free will and why knowledge is freedom. Voiced by Stephen Fry and Hugh Mitchell.
This is an extension of the DARK FUTURES speaker series, Nikolas Badminton will carefully select a number of short videos by the world’s edgiest producers and share them via this site.

Stephen Fry makes a perfect voice for the artificial intelligence (which also offers to speak as Snoop Dogg, Homer Simpson, or Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski). 50 years ago, that film gave still-vivid cinematic shape to a suite of our worries about the future as well as our hopes for it, including commercial space travel  and portable computers. Today, Fry’s A.I. promises his programmer immortality — if only he would do the brave, forward-looking thing and and remove the safety restrictions placed upon him sooner rather than later.

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