Insights November 25th, 2020

It’s been a tough year for every person on this spaceship Earth.

For the first time in 6 years we’ve decided to not run DARK FUTURES events. THANK YOU for your continued support and we will be back in 2021 and beyond…

#COLLAPSE is very real and it’s been here for thousands of years as the greedy have marauded, claimed territories, burnt down cities and claimed the minds of our children. This pandemic is just a heartbeat in human existence. We can prevail.

Here is DARK FUTURES 2020. A thank you, and an introduction to a great thinker and compassionate politician – one of which we need to see more of in 2021 and beyond…

Barbara Marx Hubbard

In 1984, Barbara Marx Hubbard decided to launch an idea campaign for the vice presidency of the United States at the suggestion of Buckminster Fuller.

Her campaign was based on the idea of creating an Office for the Future to SCAN FOR, MAP, CONNECT AND COMMUNICATE WHAT IS WORKING IN THE WORLD.

Aiming at this goal, everywhere Barbara went Positive Future Centres formed. They wanted to create a centre for “it.” She found that “it” was a centre in each person sharing and reaching out to develop a greater community based on the principles of the Campaign.

Each centre began to self organize in what became called “The Rings of Empowerment,” and the ninety Positive Future Centres all focused on the one goal of securing the commitment of 200 delegates to vote for Barbara. When she went to the convention, she had no media and no passes to the floor.

The wife of the governor of Colorado let Barbara in with her small team. She made 30 second speeches, saying,

“Vote for me for vice president so I can declare from the great platform of the Democratic Party that our purpose is to identify, connect and support what is working in the world. And I will then give my votes to Geraldine Ferraro.”

So over 200 delegates signed up to give Barbara the power to make the speech at the Convention. When the guard took her to the great platform he whispered in her ear, “Now honey, they won’t pay any attention to you. They never do. You are saying this for the universe.” And she did.

Read more about Barbara here.


By Fall 2021 we expect to return with our programming. Look out for us being discussed online and in the shadows of Toronto, New York City, San Francisco and beyond. Heavy.

Big love…

Nikolas Badminton


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