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What if you transform thinking with a Futurist Consultant?

Mobilize Strategic Foresight

Futurist Consultant

Leading organizations and governments engage Nikolas as a Chief Futurist Consultant to help them shape how their organization thinks. They do so to broaden their perspectives to see the disruptors and external forces on the industries they work in. The projects that Futurist Consultants work with the CxOs on help create bold future visions and see future states that allow teams to anticipate unseen risks and create stronger strategic plans that guide the companies forward.

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Why hire a
Futurist Consultant?

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Design Futures

Once you have a view on your potential futures you can create a bigger and bolder vision.

Anticipate Risk

Seeing 5, 10, and 20+ years into the future allows you to anticipate and mitigate risks not seen today.

Apply Foresight

Strategic foresight encourages creativity and creates better business strategies for resiliency and growth.

Create Impact

Priming your organization for foresight thinking empowers employees to think bigger on how to change the world to be more equitable and resilient.

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Foresight Development Framework

Nikolas Badminton has collaborated with numerous CEOs, executive teams, and organizations to implement practical tools for imagining futures, creating futures literacy and implementing strategic foresight in their organizations. Nikolas’ proven Foresight Development Framework  is a foundational approach that presents principles and critical tasks – scanning for signals, creating hypothetical scenarios, and developing speculative fiction – needed to start the establish foresight as a practice that augments existing strategic planning processes. As Chief Futurist he runs a world-leading think tank at and we can bring together incredible expertise to help you.

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Foresight Development Framework – Nikolas Badminton

Incredible client results

United Nations (UNFCCC) Resilience Frontiers Program design

What: Worked closely with the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat’s Director of Adaption on creating a new strategic foresight program to brainstorm and design future solutions for climate resilience. Nikolas provided program guidance and opening keynote to 100 designers, government leaders, and foresight practitioners for a week-long design exercise. See more about this here.

Results: Program establishment and ongoing mentorship with foresight-focused groups working with the world-renowned United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Post-covid-19 planning for a trillion dollar technology company

What: Collaborated with a global tech leader’s security and resilience services executive team to provide a view on foresight practices and integration of new processes for longer-range planning within existing risk planning. And, ongoing research and advice on futures in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping 114,000+ employees safe.

Results: Strengthened risk planning across product groups and security capabilities. Provided the ability to anticipate global events using the identification of weak and strong signals, and hypothetical scenario building.

Future product and service design for the No. 1 luxury car brand

What: Provided the executive with a speculative view of 2030 and the likely shifts in tastes and behaviors relating to Ultra-high Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs). Analysis discussed recommended strategic initiatives in relation to wealth movement, shifting populations, property ownership, global citizenship, luxury goods acquisition/collecting, and automotive needs (including self-driving cars, electric vehicles, and incredible concierge services).

Results: Informed ongoing product and service work that will help maintain and increase market position and advantage against other luxury car manufacturers and brands.

YVR 2037: Engaging travellers to shape the airport of the future

What: Worked with executive leadership to create public engagement for the 2037 Master Plan that looks to an incredible future, and ensures the best use of YVR’s land, drive growth in passenger, aircraft and cargo volumes. Nikolas wrote five short science fiction stories (read them here) and produced a video that used alongside media engagement to engage stakeholders and the communities YVR serves.

Results: Incredible local engagement through over a dozen stakeholder and community design sessions. This was incredible as only four were initially planned but demand was overwhelming due to the campaign. There was wide media engagement with 13+ impressions. Ideas about the future inspire community thinking.

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