Insights November 24th, 2020

Cathy Hackl talks to Nikolas Badminton about our future world for her Future Insiders Podcast which is all about the future of tech, business, & humanity.

This episode is called ‘Navigating The Years To Come With Fellow Futurist, Nikolas Badminton’.

Whether you’re a techie or traditionalist, get ready to see the future! Cathy has been to the far frontiers of tech and with this podcast will present the possibilities of the tomorrows that are actually happening today by discussing the latest news from the world of emerging tech and bringing you the insiders who are making it happen.

Cathy and Nikolas had a great discussion so check it out.

Also check out Nikolas badminton’s Exponential Minds Podcast on Anchor, Spotify, Apple, and other platforms. And, do reach out to Nikolas to discuss your events.

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Futurist Keynote Speaker and Consultant - Nikolas Badminton

CEO of EXPONENTIAL MINDS and an award-winning Futurist Speaker, researcher and author. His expertise and thought leadership will guide you from complacency to thinking exponentially, planning for longevity, and encouraging a culture of innovation. You will then establish resiliency and abundance in your organization. Please reach out to discuss how he can help you, and read on to see what is happening in the world this week.

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