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For the past few years I have spent a great deal of time writing essays and producing lengthy research reports on what I see happening over the next 12 months. This has part of my process. That changes this year with ‘5 Predictions and Questions for 2019’ as I am continually researching and thinking of how the world is changing.
In early-2019 I will still be presenting my predictions and will be asking big questions with some well-considered reference points produced by me and my team of analysts at EXPONENTIAL MINDS.
However, instead of writing a lengthy tome, I will be providing my thoughts on what will shape the world in 2019 in a series of videos and lectures in the first few months of the year. That being said, I don’t want to leave you at the end of 2018 without a reference point of what I will be talking about.
Here are 5 key predictions with 5 key questions to start you thinking. Let me know what you think about these and weigh in with your ideas.
Prediction #1: There will be increasing tension between technology giants vs. government.
Key question: Will the continually swinging pendulum of technology mogul adulation vs. warning shots against political aspirations continue?
Prediction #2: Smart cities will lead to citizen assimilation, acceleration will continue, and city administrations are not ready.
Key question: How will we create collaborative, and mutually beneficial, approaches towards ownership of our cities, our data, and the ability to build out the roadmap for communities for our future?
Prediction #3: Economic protectionism will be rife, and the great global A.I. ethics debates will begin.
Key question: How will country-level policy and economic planning react to and adjust to automation-at-scale and deployment of technologies that fully robotize algorithmic human work?
Prediction #4: The reinvention of education starts, and the talent pooling from 5th grade (and earlier) will begin.
Key question: Will we allow encourage and allow large powerful companies (banking, technology) recruit our children to ensure them a prosperous future?
Prediction #5: The fight for Africa will heat up.
Key question: Will China or America win the battle for natural resources, water supply, global energy, and how will big technology companies capture the next billion platform users?
Nikolas sat down with Mike and Andy Zaremba to discuss these in more depth.

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Have a great holidays and happy new year.

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