Vancouver Futurists: The Future of Health

Posted By on April 10, 2017

On March 23rd, 2017, Nikolas Badminton hosted the Meetup group Canada Futurists: Vancouver met to discuss the Future of Health. Here are some links from this great meetup – thanks for coming.

“The First Human on Earth to Live to Be 1,000 Years Old is Alive Today”

Aubrey de Grey: A roadmap to end aging


My daughter, my wife, our robot, and the quest for immortality:

Kicking Heroin with an Ibogaine Ceremony

Scientific Problem Solving with Psychedelics – James Fadiman

Microdosing: The Revolutionary Way of Using Psychedelics

CRISPR—a weapon of mass destruction?

Cancer Moonshot℠

Cancer miracle: Expensive last-ditch drug results in remission

Global Population Falling As Human Fertility Declines

Now You Can Test Sperm on an App for Your Smartphone

DNA dating site predicts chemical romance

Scent of a Man: Women Can Sniff Out a Hot Guy

How Dogs Can Sniff Out Diabetes and Cancer

AIDS: Don’t Die Of Ignorance:

“Thud” – On Being Sane in Insane Places. pt 1

David Rosenhan: Being Sane in Insane Places

DIY Bacterial Gene Engineering CRISPR Kit

Drug ‘vending machines’ provide timely, safe access to medication

Carl Zimmer explains the CRISPR DNA editing system in 90 seconds:

Fecal microbiota transplant

Eating poop pills could make you thin. Seriously

Tuberculosis-resistant cows developed for the first time using CRISPR technology

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