Unconditional Basic Income Will Eradicate Poverty

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There has been a lot of discussion of late around unconditional basic income and a guarantee for everyone in society to have an income for food, clothing and subsistence.

An unconditional basic income is a form of social security system in which all citizens or residents of a country regularly receive an unconditional sum of money, either from a government or some other public institution, in addition to any income received from elsewhere.

Many people question it’s effectiveness however it’s seen that people work harder and live happier lives in programs like this and, in ‘Unconditional Basic Income Will Eradicate Poverty’, we look at some reference points for this discussion and some progress being made in progressive countries.

Why we should give everyone a basic income | Rutger Bregman | TEDxMaastricht

Rutger Bregman studied at Utrecht University and the University of California in Los Angeles, majoring in History. In September 2013 Bregman joined the online journalism platform De Correspondent. His article on basic income was nominated for the European Press Prize and was published by The Washington Post.

Jeremy Rifkin on Basic Income

Here’s Jeremy Rifkin, previously featured here in 2016 Predictions: The Year of Consciousness, talking about how we are likely to move towards basic income.

US Basic Income Guarantee

U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network Board Member Allan Sheahen discusses the guaranteed income bill that will help over 46 million Americans to get out of poverty.

It’s like social security for everybody.

Finland Will Pay Everyone in the Country $876 a Month

And to Finland where the Finnish Social Insurance Institution (KELA) is drafting the plan to pay every one of its 5.4 million people $876 per month, tax-free, which would replace social support programs, such as welfare and unemployment benefits. Though a full proposal from KELA isn’t expected until November 2016, a pilot stage is currently planned prior to full implementation of the program.

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Utrecht is giving money away to test the “basic income” theory


A group of people already receiving welfare will get monthly checks ranging from around €900 ($1,000) for an adult to €1,300 ($1,450) for a couple or family per month. Out of the estimated 300 people participating, a group of at least 50 people will receive the unconditional basic income and won’t be subject to any regulation, so even if they get a job or find another source of income, they will still get their disbursement, explained Nienke Horst, a project manager for the Utrecht city government. There will be three other groups with different levels of rules, and a control group that will follow the current welfare law, with its requirements around job-seeking and qualifying income.

The experiment seeks to challenge the notion that people who receive public money need to be patrolled and punished, said Horst. The traditional criticism of basic income is that it does not incentivize people to work, and thereby damages the economy.

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A Canadian City Once Eliminated Poverty And Nearly Everyone Forgot About It


Between 1974 and 1979, residents of a small Manitoba city were selected to be subjects in a project that ensured basic annual incomes for everyone. For five years, monthly cheques were delivered to the poorest residents of Dauphin, Man. – no strings attached.

And for five years, poverty was completely eliminated.

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