The VR Revolution: Magic Leap Will Blow Minds

Posted By on October 27, 2015

In the VR Revolution: Magic Leap Will Blow Minds we’ll look at the latest reveals from the most exciting AR/VR company around.

Virtual Reality (VR) is something I have been tracking for quite some time and Magic Leap is a company that is reportedly creating some real magic in the world. In my previous article From Rectangles to Reality: A Primer on Virtual Reality I talked about

“In 2015, we have a real opportunity to switch things up and to get away from mediocrity. I feel that we’ve had to spend a long time convincing ourselves that this could work with our current reality. The developed world’s population is mostly tech-savvy and connected now with terminology and adept usage of devices commonplace in culture. 10 years ago people struggled to know what to do when then happened across a touch screen or web browser. Now it’s just like breathing air.

The future of our Internet-enables interaction in the world lies not with these rectangles on our desks and in our pockets but in the wide blue yonder where VR sets us free.”

Earlier this year they teased us with what the future of VR could look like:

Many felt it was engineered by CGI experts, especially as it was put together in concert with Weta Workshop in New Zealand – the company behind Lord of the Rings and many other fantastical movies.

This past week Magic Leap shared a new video that is from directly through the system and this time they say it’s real virtual reality:

Here a chat with Rony Abovitz, Graeme Devine, and Neal Stephenson  from the Magic Leap team.

One other gif was leaked as well – if this can happen it changes everything (see the full gif here):

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.58.41 AM


End note: The Verge published an essential post about VR, called ‘The Fall and Rise of Virtual Reality’ which will act as a great reference point after reading this article.


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