The Future of Work: Computers as Authors

Posted By on November 16, 2015

Philip M. Parker has generated/created over 200,000 books, as an advanced search on under his publishing company shows, making him “the most published author in the history of the planet.”

Parker’s books are not conventional, and maybe we should call Mr. Parker a compiler than an author. Parker, who is also the chaired professor of management science at Insead, has developed a number of computer algorithms that collect publicly available information on a subject and, aided by his 60 to 70 computers and a few programmers, he turns the results into books in a range of genres, many of them in the range of 150 pages and printed only when a customer buys one.

In The Future of Work: Computers as Authors we look at a couple of presentations of Philip M. Parker’s innovations in generating books.

Can Big Data authors end poverty? Phillip Parker at TEDxSeattle

Philip Parker creates algorithms that generate textbooks, crossword puzzles, dictionaries, poetry and educational video games in any language and distributes them to underserved communities. At TEDxSeattle, he explains the basics behind how he does it and what the future holds — from creating resources to improve agriculture in poor regions to getting your iPhone to write your dissertation for you.

Philip Parker is known for his pioneering work on using computer algorithms to author books, videos, and games, especially in the field of education, across underserved topics and languages. He is the INSEAD Chair Professor of Management Science, and has recently been involved in projects supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to bring impactful agricultural knowledge to the world’s poorest communities, in their local languages, via radio, mobile phone networks, call centers and field extension workers.

You can read a longer article in the NY Times.


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