The Future Of Medicine: Ingestible Cameras

Posted By on February 2, 2016

Getting a view on the inside of a human body has been invasive and tricky to date. Now camera technologies that are encapsulated in pill form have come to the market. In The Future Of Medicine: Ingestible Cameras we look at this great new development in non-invasive inner-body check ups.

Are Ingestible Cameras The Future Of Medicine?


PillCam COLON uses a miniaturized camera contained in a disposable capsule that naturally passes through the digestive system, allowing physicians to directly view the entire colon, without sedation or radiation. For patients who have had an incomplete colonoscopy which was not due to poor prep, PillCam COLON can be used to non-invasively complete the colon exam.

Undergoing a complete colon evaluation is extremely important for the detection of polyps, small clumps of cells that form in the lining of the colon that can become cancerous over time.  PillCam COLON is the only accurate, non-invasive test that directly visualizes the colon to detect polyps, which is the first step in preventing colorectal cancer.

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