The Future of Electric Trucking with Elon Musk

Posted By on November 17, 2017

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Each week Nikolas Badminton, Futurist Speaker, summarizes the top-5 future looking developments and news items that I find to be inspiring, interesting, concerning, or downright strange. Each day he reads through dozens of blogs and news websites to find those things that we should be aware of.

In Exponential Minds’ The Future of Trucking we are only going to look at one thing. The launch of  Tesla’s Semi truck that will – quite frankly – shake the trucking industry to the core.

Key stats…

  • Diesel trucks are 20 per cent more expensive than a Semi from day one.
  • It can go from zero-60mph in just five seconds and, even with a max load of 80,000lbs it can accelerate to 60mph in just 20 seconds.
  • It has 500 miles of range at maximum weight at 60mph.
  • It can also travel up a five per cent gradient with a max load at 65 mph, compared to a diesel truck that can travel 45mph.
  • It earns 50 per cent per mile over a diesel truck due to the faster speed.

See the summary of the launch event here…

Read more at Tesla

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