The Future of Advertising – Female Creatives will Save the Industry #changetheratio

Posted By on November 6, 2015

The 3% Movement Manifesto is…

Diversity = Creativity

= Profitability

That’s their drumbeat. 1, 2, 3 – and it should be EVERYONE’S DRUM BEAT.

The more varied the people who come up with ideas, the more varied the ideas will be. And since women control the majority of consumer spending and social sharing, it only makes sense to involve them in the creative process.

Yet, until we came along, only 3% of Creative Directors were women.

The 3% Conference was launched on September 27, 2012 in San Francisco,  has exploded into a 2-day, 800-person event in New York City, multi-city road shows throughout the year, a vibrant online community on multiple social platforms, a student scholarship fund, a creative award, and a business blog to support the crusade.

Their mission is to support more female creative leadership in advertising agencies because:

  1. Female consumers deserve to be marketed to from a place of understanding
  2. Brands deserve to not have their marketing budgets wasted in a 97% testro-fest
  3. Everyone – especially children — deserve a healthier media diet in the 3,000 ads they consume daily

Here we have a powerful closing keynote from the tour-de-force that is Cindy Gallop about the ways we can secure hard, tangible results for the ad industry.

I’ve also featured Cindy in a number of posts on this website before – check her insights out:

…and I’ll keep sharing her insights and stand by under-recognized females and marginalized people in the Ad, and other, industries.






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