Real Agriculture: Cinematic Reality on Farms?

Posted By on December 21, 2015

In Real Agriculture: Cinematic Reality on Farms? Kelvin Heppner talks with Nikolas Badminton about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and their future in the lives of farmers.

The little rectangular digital displays we carry in our pockets could become obsolete in the not-too-distant future. Instead, the images and information that we squint to see on our phones and other physical screens might be projected into whatever setting we’re in.

“Cinematic” or “augmented” reality is the terminology used to describe what companies are creating by inserting virtual content into a real world environment.

This technology could have multiple applications in agriculture and farming, notes Nik Badminton, a Vancouver-based futurist and columnist who focuses on how technology affects workplaces and the economy. We spoke after his talk at the 2015 AgExcellence Conference in Regina:

See Nikolas Badminton’s Keynote on the Future of Agriculture at Emerging Agriculture on January 9th, 2016, at Innovation Place in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.


Nikolas Badminton is a world-respected futurist speaker that researches, speaks, and writes about the future of work, how technology is affecting the workplace, how workers are adapting, the sharing economy, and how the world is evolving. He appears at conferences in Canada, USA, UK, and Europe. Email him to book him for your radio, TV show, or conference.

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