Modern Cyberpunk – Hiroto Ikeuchi, Artist and Modeler

Posted By on April 4, 2016

In Modern Cyberpunk – Hiroto Ikeuchi, Artist and Modeler we see Hiroto, a Tokyo-based artist that’s specialized in the creation of dioramas using parts from plastic models. He is now looking towards creating accessories such as earphones or headphones using the same concept thus hiding the value in the elaborate form. It’s like design around design.

Image via OtakuModeImage via OtakuMode

In this Toco Toco episode, Ikeuchi takes us to Tama Art University, one of Japan’s most prestigious art universities, into the Art Science department. Then we see him head towards Asagaya (a residential area of Tokyo located in Suginami ward west of Shinjuku) to visit Ikeuchi’s atelier where he showcases his creations.

Ikeuchi explains his work and most recent collaborations to lay more light on his universe, constantly expanding one diorama at a time.

I build moveable figures and computer accessories primarily using professional model parts. Using the integrative theme of ‘A Vision Incarnated in a Plastic Model,’ I make a choice and use plastic models to make my wild ideas reality.

When explaining it to fellow otaku, it’s convenient to liken it to Arcueid’s Marble Phantasm or ‘banishment this world.’ When I’m creating computer accessories, I take the shape and how it will be used into account and thereafter remodel it (building a mouse using plastic model parts to resemble a tank, etc.).”

(Taken from Hiroto Ikeuchi’s OtakuMode profile)

Hiroto also has a Tumblr blog [@ikeuchi-products] detailing all his creations which you can find here


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