Mixed Reality and the Future of Work

Posted By on August 14, 2017

On July 18th Bloomberg released the video ‘Could This Hologram Headset Replace Your Cubicle?’ that featured the Meta headset that enables mixed reality.

San Francisco startup Meta is trying to liberate the workplace of computer monitors, trading them in for its augmented reality headsets. Bloomberg Technology’s Selina Wang delves into the possibilities of an office without screens.

Watch the video below and consider how your workplace could be changed – saved space, complete flexibility, ease of consuming and distributing information, and being able to place yourself and others in locations together? Lots of opportunities for businesses as they progress.

In early-2016 Nikolas Badminton interviewed Kharis O’Connell (ex-Nokia, Global Mechanic, HUMAN, and Archiact) about the future of virtual and mixed reality. The exciting thing is that Kharis moved to work with Meta earlier in 2017 and is taking the solution to the next level. Have a listen to his interview here:

and here:

And, download his book ‘Designing for Mixed Reality’ (O’Reilly) for free here.



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