I like Big Bots, and I Cannot Lie

Posted By on April 19, 2016

Bots are hot news right now, but what gives? Why should we care? What can they do for us? In I like Big Bots, and I Cannot Lie we look at what Facebook and Micrsoft have planned and also provide some reading.

Facebook – what bots can do for you

Programming a Facebook Messenger Bot

This duo spend an hour making an attempt at speed-pair-programming a Facebook Messenger Bot in an hour. From no clue of the Facebook Developer documentation on Messenger Bots – to having SOMETHING live in production.

Probably spending most of the time trying to log in to the production environment. And deploying. All the FUN of funfunfunctioning!

Note: Stockholm Hotline is now offline because Facebook does not provide a way to revoke webhook keys. Sorry about that.


Microsoft’s Satya Nadella about Future Developments Bots Apps

Check out Microsoft’s Bot Framework – https://dev.botframework.com/

Other reading on bots


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