Gray Scott on Simulation Theory

Posted By on October 8, 2015

I just listened to THE FUTURISTIC NOW (ep 004) on the simulation theory by Gray Scott of and I wanted to share this podcast and a great presentation by him.

Gray Scott on Simulation Theory asks are we living in a simulated reality? Are we merely simulated quantum instances inside a holographic substrate? Is the cosmos an advanced computer simulation created by a future technologically mature human civilization?  Who are the original simulators and what are they looking for? Could our reality be the product of a lonely quantum AI machine stranded on the outer edges of our galaxy in the distant future?

If we are inside of a simulation, does it even need a creator or could the digital simulation be a naturally emergent phenomena, an infinite fractal, with no beginning and no end?

See the original post here.

Gray Scott at THE GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT What if the future was simulated? Imagine a Virtual Reality that is as real as the reality around us now. Are we heading toward a DIGITAL BLACK HOLE?


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