Future Music Pioneers: Squarepusher

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In Future Music Pioneers: Squarepusher we look at the jazz drum and bass challenger and explorer and see how he is changing how we see dance music every day.

Squarepusher is the principal pseudonym adopted by Tom Jenkinson (born 17 January 1975), a UK-based recording artist. His compositions draw on a number of influences including drum and bass, acid house, jazz and electroacoustic music. His recordings are typified by a combination of electronic sound sources, live instrumental playing and digital signal processing. (source: Wikipedia)

Squarepusher in session for Guardian Music

The musicality of Jenkinson can be seen here. Luminaries like Andre 3000 and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers quote Squarepusher as being one of the best bass players in the world.

Squarepusher ‘Damogen Furies’ Release Event NYC

Squarepusher • ‘Stor Eiglass’ • YouTube 360

Always innovative to the end WARP and Squarepusher push the mediums they release music through traditional channels in whole new ways. Put on your Google Cardboard or GearVR and check this out. Wow!

Squarepusher – Tundra

The depth of the music that Squarepusher releases hits you deep inside. Tundra is a song that I played for years when leaving places that I lived (the stereo was always the last thing to be packed), and when moving into new places. A form of musical smudging.

DnB 1996 (LolaDaMusica) part1: Squarepusher

Rare Drum & Bass 1996 documentary by Dutch TV program (Lola Da Musica). There are a few Dutch passages, but the interviews are in English.

Innerzone Orchestra aka Carl Craig – Galaxy

OK, this isn’t Squarepusher however it’s said that when Jenkinson heard this track it changed how he approached music forever. You can hear the influences throughout this visionary track.



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