Everybody Needs a Little Robot Love

Posted By on October 13, 2015


While trawling through dozens of posts today I found this quite charming video that features a little robot assistant called Robohon (made by the electronics giant SHARP). In this article, Everybody Needs a Little Robot Love, we look at Robohon and what it is going to take to design products that connect deeply with us.

We all have devices void of personality and deeper connection. It seems like this little guy (or girl) will be bridging the gap of content delivery and connection and emotion. LOVE IT!

You can find out more at robohon.com

Back in 2013 I produced Cyborg Camp in collaboration with Kharis O’Connell (now CEO of HUMAN) and Amber Case (now Managing Director at Healthways). At that event we had the UK Designer Ben Bashford. His talk ‘All is full of love’ talks about deeper connections with technology through empathy and honesty.

It’s clear that an amazing new category of product is emerging. Connected products and services are already changing our lives but are they ready to be domesticated? There is a near future where our homes are shared with objects and devices that communicate and collaborate to enhance and enrich our lives but ‘Is Design enough?’

Ben Bashford

I guess that we will need to be a little more careful in creating these products as well. What if we start abusing the relationships with them or ignoring them. Maybe we will have device rebellion spearheaded by dystopian leaders like Brad the Toaster.


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