Don’t E-Waste Our Time

Posted By on December 2, 2015


What do we do with Computers, VHS recorders, laptops, mobile phones, TVs, control systems, CD players, and all sorts of gadgets that contain electronic parts once we are done with them? Maybe we ‘recycle’ them or throw them away. Well, oftentimes they end up in Africa or Asia. We’re going to be overrun with this kinds of electronic waste, otherwise known as E-Waste, and this will become a compounding issue in the fight for processing supremacy.

In Don’t E-Waste Our Time we look at some of the shocking statistics around E-waste, and present a little creativity as well.

UN study: by 2017 33% more global electronic waste choking Third World nations

E-Waste Hell – Ghana is suffering as a result of developed countries illegally shipping and dumping their electronic waste, causing suffering and illness to Ghanaian people.

Electronic waste: A $50 billion problem (Inside Story)

Making Wearables From E-Waste

Meet Cyrus Kabiru. The Nairobi, Kenya artist is turning e-waste into wearables and art.


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