Coca Cola’s AI Dream

Posted By on September 20, 2017

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In the EXPONENTIAL MINDS’ Artificial Intelligence Bulletin – Coca Cola’s AI Dream we see Coca Cola innovating, Google’s AI Chief saying calm down, Salesforce backing new ventures, Ai as a job creator, and changing video games.

The Amazing Ways Coca Cola Uses Artificial Intelligence And Big Data To Drive Success

In fact, Coca Cola was one of the first globally-recognized brands outside of the IT market to speak about Big Data, when in 2012 their chief big data officer, Esat Sezer, said “Social media, mobile applications, cloud computing and e-commerce are combining to give companies like Coca-Cola an unprecedented toolset to change the way they approach IT. Behind all this, big data gives you the intelligence to cap it all off.”

More recently, Greg Chambers, global director of digital innovation, has said “AI is the foundation for everything we do. We create intelligent experiences. AI is the kernel that powers that experience.”

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Google’s AI chief thinks reports of the AI apocalypse are greatly exaggerated

John Giannandrea from Google had many great things to say about artificial intelligence at TechCrunch Disrupt SF. In particular, he thinks that people are too scared about general purpose artificial intelligence.

A few years ago, Giannandrea compared artificial intelligence to a 4-year-old child. Today, he revised his statement and said that it’s even worse than that. “They’re not nearly as general purpose as a 4-year-old child,” he said.

“I think there’s a huge amount of hype around AI right now. There’s a lot of people that are unreasonably concerned around the rise of general AI,” Giannandrea said. “Machine learning and artificial intelligence are extremely important and will revolutionize our industry. What we’re doing is building tools like the Google search engine and making you more productive.”

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Salesforce to launch $50 million artificial intelligence fund

The venture wing of Inc is launching a $50 million fund to invest in start-ups employing artificial intelligence, the cloud computing firm told Reuters on Tuesday.

Salesforce, whose software helps businesses sell, market and track customer activity, has been increasing its use of AI since launching its ‘Einstein’ technology a year ago, which uses automation and data-driven features.

“There’s a tremendous surge in companies who are providing unique AI innovations,” said John Somorjai, executive vice president of Salesforce Ventures. “We want more of those companies to do these innovations on Salesforce’s platform.”

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A third of employees see artificial intelligence as a job creator

One in three employees believe artificial intelligence (AI) will increase the number of jobs available in the future, with millennials especially positive, reveals CCS Insight’s latest employee enterprise survey. The survey of more than 650 employees, across five regions, reaffirmed that employees see artificial intelligence as the technology that will cause the most disruption to the workplace over the next few years.

More than half of employees expect artificial intelligence to affect their jobs within three years, with 70 percent feeling it will do so within the next decade. The automation of mundane work tasks, the increasing performance of machinery and the use of assistive AI features in productivity and collaboration applications were cited by respondents as the top uses and benefits of the technology in the future.


How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Video Games?

There are some genres, of course, where advances in commercial AI seem to be providing real gameplay benefit: racing games are a good example. Learning and reactive drivers really do make racing games more fun. Now, if only they would communicate that better, giving us insight into their decision making. Someone should make them honk and flip you the bird when you side swipe them on the race track.


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