British Columbia in 2050 – The Exponential Province

Posted By on February 3, 2017

On February 2nd Nikolas Badminton gave a keynote entitled ‘British Columbia 2050’ in Prince George, BC to over 1000 people at the Premier’s BC Natural Resources Forum.

This talk encapsulated 3 months of in-depth thinking about the changing tide of the natural resources economy, the changes that are coming and predictions on what the province will become.

Nikolas believes that British Columbia will be a province where the greatest natural resources we will have in British Columbia will be the people we have living here, the renewables energy we harvest, and the intellectual property we generate. It will have an economy built on innovation across a number of areas including renewables, Energy Storage, Data Infrastructure, healthcare, smart cities, quantum computing, and other areas. And, we will be bound by a purpose. To live a great life, and to help everyone else in Canada, and the World also live like that.

To get there we will use a number of bridging energy sources, from Natural Gas to Hydro and even Nuclear plus jump aboard the Circular Economy to create opportunities for growth, reduce waste, drive greater resource productivity, and deliver a more competitive economy.

You can see the full presentation here – please read and share.




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