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Posted By on August 16, 2017

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2016 and 2017  have been an incredible years with keynotes on Agriculture, Innovation, Media and Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Education, The Future of Work, Innovations in Farming, Biohacking, and other areas where huge changes are coming.

Nikolas is now taking bookings for 2017 and 2018. He doesn’t roll in and give the same talk he’s given a dozen times, or treats your event as a whistle stop tour. He cares about your event, helping you create an amazing experience, and creating a compelling keynote for your attendees to get excited and fired up about. Contact him today to discuss what will be your best event.

Organizers are beyond delighted with what Nikolas brings to them:

As the University of Waterloo launched its 60th anniversary year in 2017, we were eager to engage and energize our community with a high impact kick-off lecture. Nikolas served as a dynamic host for this provocative event which featured MIT robotics researcher, Kate Darling, and Edward Snowden via video conference.  In addition to moderating question and answer sessions from the audience, Nik also facilitated a panel with University of Waterloo academics, world-renowned in areas of robotics, quantum computing, and big data.

While in Waterloo, Nik also offered to deliver an exclusive keynote for a group of our student leaders and entrepreneurs.  They were glued to their seats throughout the thought-provoking presentation, and embraced Nik’s engaging presentation style.

Nik worked hard to understand the University and our intended outcomes; as a result, we engaged Nik to work with us as our strategic curator for the Waterloo Innovation Summit.

Kelly McManus, University of Waterloo

When you hire Nikolas you do not just get him for his presentation of incredible insights, you get his involvement in your conference. He can write articles before and after, attend discussion sessions, provide one-on-one mentoring sessions, judge hackathons and pitches, and help add to the creativity and energy.

How to book Nikolas:

  1. Email Nikolas today to discuss how his keynote will make your event the most talked about in your industry.
  2. Have a call with Nikolas to discuss your exact needs
  3. Confirm the contract.
  4. Bring Nikolas into the experience on the days when the conference will be held.

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