Biohacking – $140 CRISPR Gene-editing

Posted By on June 23, 2016

In Biohacking – $140 CRISPR Gene-editing we look at what happens when you democratize science and give anyone the ability to edit DNA.

I often talk about the future where there would be more community medical hubs and back alley geneticists. In fact, I am writing a science fiction on this exactly.

I wanted to share this video that features Josiah Zayner, who now runs his own biohacking supply company, called the Open Discovery Institute(ODIN) in Chicago, that ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to supply do-it-yourself CRISPR kits to home hobbyists that would only cost $140. His solution was described as a “search and replace” tool for DNA, CRISPR is a precise and versatile gene editing technique that has opened the door for rapid advances in bioengineering.

This technology prompted scientists to gather for a global summit to debate its implications in December. You can see all of the videos from this summit here.

Read more on this work at PopSci.

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