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Posted By on September 21, 2016


Each week on a Wednesday Nikolas Badminton, Futurist highlights the top stories from the past week relating to the incredible rise of artificial intelligence and its application in society, the workplace, in cities, and in our lives.

In Artificial Intelligence Bulletin – Upgraded Creativity  we see several examples of how AI is being applied to create music and film.

Songs composed by Artificial Intelligence – in the style of the Beatles

Scientists at SONY CSL Research Laboratory have created the first-ever entire songs composed by Artificial Intelligence: “Daddy’s Car” and “Mister Shadow”.

The researchers have developed FlowMachines, a system that learns music styles from a huge database of songs. Exploiting unique combinations of style transfer, optimization and interaction techniques, FlowMachines composes novel songs in many styles.

“Daddy’s Car” is composed in the style of The Beatles. French composer Benoît Carré arranged and produced the songs, and wrote the lyrics.

The two songs are excerpts of albums composed by Artificial Intelligence to be released in 2017.

See more at SONY-CSL

IBM’s Watson Creates New Trailer For AI Thriller “Morgan”

Movie trailers are more “craft” than “art,” but here 20th Century Fox and IBM have served up a prime example of creative craft made by artificial intelligence. For the upcoming thriller Morgan, the two brands have unveiled the first movie trailer edited by artificial intelligence, along with a brief mini-doc following the trailer about the editorial process with IBM’s Watson.

And, here are two of the world’s most advanced robots reacting to the original trailer:

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Can an Artificial Intelligence Create Art?

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Google A.I. just created music

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Nikolas Badminton, Futurist: Artificial Intelligence Keynote

Nikolas Badminton, Futurist talks about Artificial Intelligence, it’s history, it’s evolution, and how it can be practically applied in today’s world. Nikolas’ keynote was supported by COMMUNITECH and held in a packed house at the Tech Leadership Summit in 2016.

See the slides to accompany the presentation – The Future of Society: The Artificial Intelligence Revolution. Email Nikolas to book him for your conference, podcast, TV and/or Radio show.


Nikolas Badminton is a world-respected futurist speaker that researches, speaks, and writes about the future of work, how technology is affecting the workplace, how workers are adapting, the sharing economy, and how the world is evolving. He appears at conferences in Canada, USA, UK, and Europe. Email him to book him for your radio, TV show, or conference.


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