2018, The Year of Radical Creativity

Posted By on January 1, 2018

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Welcome to my latest post that features my trends report – ‘2018, The Year of Radical Creativity’.

I’ve scoured the world for some of the most radically creative projects that will enlighten you to what is possible . I’ve provided references to all of the trends I am outlining. I encourage you to click through, look at the companies doing the work, consider what is being done at greater length, and ask yourself ‘what if…’

Enjoy, and please share with those people that you think would like this as a reference point.

Areas covered include – Bigger Data, Autonomous Worlds, Internet of Everythings, Abundant Energy, Decentralized, Ecosystems, Open Medicine, Nanotechnology Momentum, and the Quantum Revolution.

See the presentation below here.

Please contact Nikolas for a copy or to discuss your project, event, or whatever.

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